Abstract - Paper Submission

Abstracts of the Virtual Conference Insects to Feed the World,  November 23-26, 2020, are published in this supplement of Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.
Virtual Conference Program, ACCESS HERE

The abstract submission is now closed.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the Presenter’s e-mail address. Scientific Committee’s decisions will be based upon evaluation of its scientific standard. The scientific committee reserves the right to assign each accepted abstract into the most appropriate form of presentation. After selection, all presenting authors will be provided with full information regarding PowerPoint preparation, poster size, style and layout, as required.

Accepted abstracts will be published as supplement of the "Journal of Insects as Food and Feed".

Topics available during IFW 2020 abstract submission

  • Harvesting and traditional role of eating insects/Sustainable consumption and food security
  • Insect as food and feed/Processing, conservation and food safety of insect products
  • Insect as feed/Alternative protein sources and diet formulations
  • Insect production systems/Genetics, nutrition, physiology, health & ethics of edible insects
  • Biotechnology & Non-food applications of insect
  • Insect production systems/Processing organic side streams & waste management
  • Quality control, legislation, and policy
  • Insect production systems/Optimization, engineering, automatation and security
  • Perception, marketing and economics
  • Circular economy & environmental sustainability

Abstract submission guidelines

For the abstract, please use the provided temple only, (FileAbstract_Template.docx), and convert into a PDF when completed.

  • Authors will be notified of the abstract acceptance/rejection no later than March 16, 2020.
  • All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English with a quality of spelling and grammar suitable for publication. 
  • Each abstract should be a maximum of one pages, letter format, exactly conform to the format of the template provide. Abstracts must not exceed 3,000 key strokes, including title, authors and addresses, and including spaces and punctuation.
    • The title of your abstract can take up to 120 key strokes, including spaces.
    • Abstracts should include full addresses (affiliations) of all authors.
    • Abstracts should include the e-mail address of the corresponding author.
    • Abstracts should be plain text only; no headers and or sections.
    • Abstracts should not include keywords.
    • Abstracts should not include references.
    • Abstracts should not include tables, figures or equations.
  • Oral: Oral presentations will be 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Spaces are limited. Those who are not successful in securing an oral presentation may be offered to present their abstract in a poster format.
  • Poster:  Presenters will be asked to be available to answer questions during a dedicated poster viewing time.
  • There is a limit of 2 abstracts an author may present.  The presenting (underlined) author must be registered for the meeting in order for the abstract to be accepted and be available to give the oral presentation and/or to present the poster.

Before you begin the submission process, please prepare the following information:

  1. Presenting author's contact information:
    • Full given name and family name
    • Main affiliation details: institution, address, city, province/state, country, post/zip code
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number where you can easily be reached 
  2. Co-authors' information:
    • Full given name and family name
    • Main affiliation
    • E-mail address
  3. A PDF copy of your abstract which you will be required to upload during the submission process.

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Important Dates for the Virtual Conference IFW 2020

Call for papers starts

Registration starts
September 22, 2020

Abstract submission deadline

Paper acceptance notice
To be confirmed

Presenting author registration deadline
October 19, 2020

Pre-recorded Presentation Submission
November 16, 2020

Virtual Conference
November 23 - 26, 2020

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