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Abstracts of the Virtual Conference Insects to Feed the World,  November 23-26, 2020, are published in this supplement of Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.
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The Investment Panel is one of many industry sessions during the Insects to Feed the World virtual conference. This online gathering of global leaders covers a diverse array of topics from production systems and feed formulations to market perception and value-added products.

Registration is $95CDN and gives you access to all sessions during the 3-day conference.

Investment Panel
November 23, 2020 from 12:45 to 14:15 PM (EST)


The insect industry has skyrocketed in the last decade, moving from a cottage industry fuelled by the passion of a few sustainability-minded founders to a burgeoning business that can attract A, B and even C-level investment. But there’s still a tremendous need for capital to fuel the companies involved in all aspects of the industry. With the global market demand for sustainable protein that insects can provide, what is needed for insect-focused companies to attract interest from the public and private investment community? In this panel we talk to experienced investors and a selection of producers who have raised capital to learn from their experiences on both sides of the deal. We’ll discuss the big picture investment opportunity, key factors in the due diligence process, and what investors and entrepreneurs need to consider throughout various stages and sectors of this important new industry.


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Virtual conference Program - ACCESS HERE


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